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How much will I get paid?
When a customer clicks through from your site on one of the banners you chose from the Banner Farm and purchases a membership at BentleyRace you earn a commission on the initial sale AND on all future rebills from that sale. So the amount you make depends on the volume and quality of traffic you send us. We provide the banners and marketing tools to help you, or you may create your own banners and promotional text. Just be creative and we’ll work hard to make your traffic convert into sales.

Why should I sign up?
You will earn 45% commission of every membership sale and rebill for any clients you send to our sites. BentleyRace is a unique Australian website showing some of Australia’s most talented guys in action. has been a popular destination for gay porn since 1998.

Where can I get banners?
Banners in many different sizes can be found on the Banner Farm page. Please download and do not hot-link to these banners.