The end of summer 2024

11 Mar, 2024


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Summer seems to have passed very quick this year. The season started with a visit from American porn stars Max Lorde and Kyler Drayke. From that week onwards has been very busy. We shot the Christmas scenes over 2 months before Christmas to avoid cooking the boys in those costumes in the middle of summer in Australia. I joked that I was the first to have put Christmas decorations up. They were removed before Christmas because I had other scenes I wanted to shoot. We had so many new guys joining us. James Ryder joined us from Brisbane. Max. Kyler, Chase and Marcel all joined us during their visits from America. And Sam brought his mate Ethan Lake over to join us.  We still have a couple of bright warm months before winter hits Melbourne and I’ve got a long list of guys waiting to either do their first shoot or come back for a return shoot. I love how busy things are now. And I love all the guys who are getting naked with us this year. Our 25th year online is going to be huge.










Visitors from America

15 Oct, 2023


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The start of the new shooting season has started with some beautiful guys visiting us from America. We don’t often get guys visiting us from so far away. So I was really happy to be meeting and shooting with Max Lorde and Kyler Drayke from America. Kyler had suggested a trip to Australia while back. I wasn’t sure if he would actually come. Then he told me he was bring along his mate Max. I was really excited about getting them up in the studio for a couple of shoots. But also made sure I gave them my own little tour of the cafe lanes of Melbourne. Max and Kyler are super sweet guys. I’m glad they got to see a little of Australia and meet some of our mates.

Sunday Cock – Charlie Sparks

16 Jul, 2023


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One of our mates with one of the most impressive cocks (and also with a huge amount of stamina) is Charlie Sparks. We only met by coincidence when his mate Dante was coming for a shoot. Charlie tagged along and ended up doing a shoot too. I’m really glad he did because it turns out that Charlie is a really beautiful and sweet guy. He did a bunch of shoots over summer and all of the were great! The guys love shooting with Charlie. And I am getting more request from them to pair up in new shoots.






Sunday Cock – Beau Jackson

9 Jul, 2023


I’m pretty excited about Beau Jackson returning to shooting with us this year. There’s a load of mates that I want to pair him with. And there’s no shortage of volunteers. I completely forgot about the Sunday Cock posts I used to do. Maybe we can bring these back!
I have a few more shoots with Beau from summer to edit. So there’ll be a load of shoots with him in them this year.

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Summer Lovers

5 Mar, 2023

Jamie Fawkes hung Canadian porn star

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Summer seems to have gone past so quickly this year! It really kicked off with a bang. In a very small space of time I suddenly had all these new boys to shoot with. I wanted to get them all in for their first shoots before Christmas. I’m super excited about all these boys coming back for more shoots. We still have a couple of months of warm sunny days to make some new scenes. I’m planning to line them up with some of our other mates.

Aussie ginger porn star Andy Conboi loves to get naked

Aussie Twink Liam Taylor at his first gay porn shoot

French porn star Buzz Hardy at his first Australian porn shoot with Bentley

Fit Aussie porn star Carter Andrews showing off naked in the Bentley Race studio

Australian gay porn star Charlie Sparks is very handsome in his nude photoshoots with Bentley Race

Meeting new mates this summer

4 Dec, 2022

Charlie Sparks aussie porn star

I’ve been very busy in the lead up to summer meeting new mates here in Melbourne. Most of our new mates will come over and do a solo shoot with me before coming back to shoot scenes with our mates. So you might notice there are a lot of solo shoots with new guys recently. This is Charlie Sparks who came around with our mate Dante. You will see that the BTS video is roaming since it was shot by Dante. Then Charlie shot the BTS footage for Dante’s next shoot. I love it when our mates hope out. Charlie is a very handsome guy. I already have some of our mates asking to get into a shoot with him.

I’m really excited to be rolling out the new guys shoots over the coming weeks.

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The end of winter in Australia

4 Oct, 2022


I’m pretty excited that we’ve come to the end of winter. In the past 2 years we’ve come out of winter but remained in a lock down. So this year I’ve actually been able to start shooting earlier. In fact I got together with a few of the guys back in August to do a bunch of shoots in a city hotel. This shoot with Brad was the first of the series of hotel shoots. The huge floor to ceiling windows made up for the dull days in Melbourne. In fact I really loved the soft light. It was so nice making an early return to shooting.

Now that we are ramping up shooting again, I can’t wait to see all the guys again. I have also had a lot of queries from new guys wanting to do shoots. So we’ll be seeing a load of new guys on the site over the coming weeks. Mostly I’ve been shooting solo guys lately. I’ll be getting some couple and group shoots going soon too. It’s going to be a really fun spring and summer.

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Tis the Season

30 Dec, 2021


Have you checked out our Christmas season shoots yet? It was a last minute decision to end the year with a couple of Christmas shoots with Brad Hunter, Andy Samuel, Connor Peters and Dylan Anderson. I rushed around and quickly found the gear for these shoots. I realised on the day that some of the guys didn’t know they were going to be in costumes for the shoots. And even though it was a really hot day when we shot the threesome, the guys still did a great job posing for photos and making a really hot video.  It’s been ages since we’ve done a Christmas themed shoot. We should do this every year.

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Aussie boy porn star Brad Hunter

Post Winter Catch Up

10 Oct, 2021


It’s a huge update today. Earlier this year I started doing a lot more shoots than usual to prepare for winter. At the time I didn’t know that we would also be producing shoots for one of the longest lock downs in the world. And I’m so glad we did. Over winter I have been catching up on editing all the shoots from summer and autumn and getting them loaded up on the site. I still have a bunch of shoots to edit and get up. While lock down drags on a bit longer I will be posting the remaining shoots and videos, and a few of the guys are also making some hot videos at home. I’m looking forward to see what they do. And now that the days are warming up I’m really looking forward to seeing the guys again. Here’s a quick peek at some of the shoots I have been working through over winter.

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Shooting video on a Gimbal

15 May, 2021


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Now that we are heading into winter and the daylight is not so great, I have been looking at other options for recording videos in low light. I discovered the full frame sensor Canon DSLR which I use for taking photos is actually the best for recording videos too. The sensor collects a lot of the light and the image quality is really beautiful. But the camera has no image stabilization. So I picked up the Ronin SC2 gimbal last week and used it for the first time in a shoot today. As you can see it’s not as nimble as a Handycam, but it does a nice job of allowing the camera to take stable video footage. I will use this in the coming weeks. However I do think I will pick up either a new video camera or a mirrorless DSLR with image stabilization. They are just more agile.  I can’t wait to edit the new videos.

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