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22 Jan, 2022

Our new mate Pup Benji’s puts on a hot show in this special pup play and jack off video. Benji is extremely hot and I couldn’t wait to see him getting off. After having some trouble with the video files from his shoot here in the studio 2 weeks ago, he kindly offered to make a video at home for the site. I received the video last night and I gotta say it’s pretty hot. His mate holding the camera did a great job of capturing Benji playing on the bed in a hardness and jockstrap. After showing off his gorgeous thick bum with some twerking action, Benji strips naked to show is stiffening cock. He has a nice thick uncut dick and has fun pushing it quickly in and out of a lubed up fleshlight. I love seeing him in action again. I can’t wait till I can get him back in the studio again.

Behind the scenes
21 Jan, 2022

Take a look at this BTS look at Andy’s nude shoot in the studio. When we were coming out of lock down late in 2021 I hadn’t done any new shoots for a long time and I needed someone to practice with. One of my favourite models is my cute mate Andy. We have done a load of hot solo and couple shoots in the past couple of years. I wanted to catch up with him so I invited him around for a photo and solo video shoot. Aft picking out a cute outfit we headed into the studio to get these shots. The photos look great and Andy made a hot jerk off video afterwards. When I look back at this shoot I can see why my mates love shooting with him.

Behind the scenes
19 Jan, 2022

This BTS video with our British mate Max follows me around the bathroom as I direct him into different positions and poses, and eventually strip naked. Though there’s not much to take off here. Max starts in just a flimsy nylon speedo as he rests in the window ledge. This comes from his first solo shoot with me. The shots of Max lathering up his body in the shower look great! Make sure you also check out Max’s first solo video, and the video he made with Zak. He’s a very beautiful young guy. I’m hoping we’ll get him back for a new shoot this summer.

Photo shoot
16 Jan, 2022

My cute mate Bailey is showing off his perfect bubble butt in this strip show shoot. I really wanted to get Bailey James dressed up in jeans and a plaid shirt for this early winter shoot. He looks gorgeous dressed up in the shirt and skinny jeans. But wait till you see him getting naked. I love the shots where he’s pulling out his perfect puffy bum from the tight jeans. I’m really happy with the results of this shoot. Bailey is totally cute. Make sure you check out the video we made shortly after this where Bailey jerks off in the hot tub.

Behind the scenes
15 Jan, 2022

This is the BTS footage from straight boy Ralf’s bubble bath shoot in my hotel. This one comes from a while back when I was doing a series of shoots with Ralf Popu stripping naked and jerking off. You’ll see in this video that he’s full of energy and a lot of fun to shoot with. I found it interesting watching this back because Ralf speaks very little English and I don’t speak Romanian. Though we managed to get by. I wasn’t happy with the light in the bathroom, but I did manage to get some nice shots of Ralf getting naked and playing around in the bubble bath. Ralf’s videos are hot and must be seen. I jerked and sucked him off in a couple of them.

Behind the scenes
13 Jan, 2022

This is one of my favourite shoots with our beautiful mates Sarpa and Nate. It’s been a while since we did this shoot but I wanted to get the BTS footage up since we had so much fun making it. We started with some photos of the guys out along the Yarra River before heading back to the studio. This pairing of our mates was perfect. The guys look great together and they got along really well. It’s another paring I’d love to shoot again. Make sure you also check out the video the boys made after this photoshoot.

Photo shoot
9 Jan, 2022

I’m thrilled to be meeting our first new mate of 2022, Pup Benji. We met and took these photos just a few days ago. I wanted to get the shoot up right away so Benji can see the photos. It’s my first time meeting Pup Benji, and also the first time meeting someone dressed in the Pup fetish gear. And I gotta say that this was fun to shoot. You will see from the photos that Benji is a super fit 21 year old. He’s very tall, has big legs and a nice big muscle bum, nice fur on his perfect chest, big shoulders and arms, and he’s very handsome. I should mention he’s got a nice thick uncut cock too. We were part way through the shoot when he popped out to change into wrestling gear, and then a harness and arm bands. I think he looks great in all the gear chosen for the shoot. Benji was visiting from interstate and we had very limited time to do this shoot as the sun was going down. So I had to get the shots and make a video quickly. The video will load up later this week. But in the meantime you can see some grabs from it in this gallery. It was such a pleasure to meet and shoot with this beautiful boy.

8 Jan, 2022

I love watching Sam jerking off on the bed wearing just those red socks. After getting some hot nude photos during our photoshoot Sam strips off one more time to make this hot video with some sex toys and me helping him out toward the end. Sam chose a fleshlight and dildo from the toy draw for his new solo wanking session. I followed him around with the video camera to catch him stripping naked and then playing with some toys on the bed. I was surprised to see him take on the big rubber cock. There’s some fleshlight fucking action here too. But it’s when I lick and finger his perfect little hole that he blows a huge load of cum, right up to his face. What a hot video session this is. I can’t wait to get Sam back for more.

Behind the scenes
5 Jan, 2022

Take a look at this behind the scenes video of Nate and Reece at their pre-winter photoshoot in the studio. In fact this is their first shoot together. I had been wanting to get the two Andersons together all through summer. So right before we broke for winter, I invited the both of them over. And it’s actually one of my favourite couplings of the year. Both Nate and Reece are fun to hang out with. And I knew they would get along really well. I think this is why the photos from the shoot look so good. The video they made afterwards is pretty hot too.

Photo shoot
3 Jan, 2022

Over the Christmas break I got to catch up with my cute mate Sam Angel. It’s been a long time since I last got Sam over for a shoot. I want to get him back in for some more couple shoots. But initially I wanted to get him in for a new solo shoot. He’s really cute and I love making videos with him. I got Sam dressed in shorts, socks and Converse sneakers for this strip show shoot. I then got him slowly peeling off the clothes for this photoset. He’s got a perfect little bum so I spent a lot of time getting photos with his shorts and underwear pulled down at the back. Sam gets easily hard as I am picking out some porn for him to watch on the TV. So I stopped the shoot after getting some erection shots swapping to the video camera to catch Sam getting off. I will post the video I made with Sam a little later this week. You can also check out the hot couple videos Sam made with Damien, Dylan and Nate.

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