How often do you update?

The site is being updated with new content 3 or 4 times per week. The updates alternate between gallery, video, and BTS video updates. There is at least one new scene (gallery and video) added weekly. All updates includes the date I posted it so you can quickly find the latest stuff. Behind the scenes videos are also added regularly. Most shoots include BTS videos since 2012.

How many photo galleries and videos are there?

In 2020 Bentley Race celebrated it’s 21st year online.  It is Australia’s oldest gay website so there is a lot to look at.  Currently (Oct 2021) there are 1345 photoshoots, 987 videos and 693 BTS videos on the site.

Are you videos Mac / iPhone compatible?

From December 2011 all videos are produced in MP4 format. So they are PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad friendly. Prior to December 2011 we recommend Mac users grab the free program Flip4Mac from which will play the older WMV videos in your Quicktime player.

What formats and sizes are your videos?

All videos are being edited in to 1282 x 720 MP4 format and 720 x 404 MP4 format.  A program has been underway to bring the hundreds of older videos (pre-2010) up to larger sizes as well. This program is 90% complete. UPDATE: Videos from June 2021 edited in 1440 x 810 MP4 format.

Can I download and keep the videos?

All videos can be downloaded and kept on your computer after your membership has expired. We have never used DRM protection on our videos. Simply right click on the video links and download them to your computer.

Are there limits on video downloads?

There is a limit on the High Resolution versions of each video. Members cannot download more than 20 of the High Resolution versions of each video in each 24 hour period. Even when this limit is reached members can still download or play all other versions of the same videos.

How big are your images and can I download and keep them?

The photos are a nice big and clear 1125x750px wide. Older galleries contains photos at 900x600px and before 2010, 750x500px. The oldest photos are 600x400px. Every gallery contains a zip file where you can download the whole photo set and keep them.

I keep getting logged out

It’s very important to adjust your browser settings to accept cookies for this website. It is the cookies which helps your browser remember that you are logged into the members area as you move from page to page.

How does my membership appear on my credit card statement

To protect your privacy charges will be processed securely and appear discreetly as “*Real Jam N” on your cardholder statement.

How do I cancel my membership / retrieve my password?

You can manage your membership at

How do I contact you?

Just click on the Contact button on the menu bar above. It will send me (Ben) an email directly. I respond to all emails promptly.