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Taking photos with my beautiful mate Dante

Photo shoot
22 Oct, 2023
I've been busting to get another photoshoot with my beautiful mate Dante. He's one of the hottest guys in Melbourne and so much fun to shoot with. While I was staying in one of the city towers I invited Dante over to get some new photos and make a hot new video. After picking out a pretty cute outfit and a nice jockstrap we got busy getting a load of photos. One thing I noticed is that Dante's legs are getting huge! Which means that his butt is looking fantastic. I started taking a lot more photos of his bottom than I really needed. I wanted to make sure we got some shots in the bathroom too with Dante showing off his legs and butt. He's getting turned on now so we moved back to the bed for some final nude photos. I'm really happy with the results of this shoot. We made a nice video too which I'm editing to load this week. In the meantime you should also check out Dante's previous shoots, and especially his scene with Andy.
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