Behind the scenes
15 May, 2024

This is the behind the scenes footage from that chaotic 3 way shoot between the Americans Kyler and Max, and French boy Buzz. It was always going to be a challenging shoot because I knew that Buzz wanted to go straight to having sex with these hot guys. So I really hurried through the photoshoot making sure I got a load of photos by the time they were fully naked. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Kyler, Max and Buzz were the perfect group to put together for this scene. And it really shows in the results. I hadn’t realised until we begun shooting that I had in the traffic light colours of red, yellow and green. You can see this was a really fun photoshoot. But make sure you also go and check out the 3 way video we made afterwards. It’s one of our best group scenes so far.

Behind the scenes
7 Mar, 2024

I’m not used to shooting with such big guys as the handsome hulk Kyler Drayke. When I first heard he was going to be visiting Melbourne I jumped at the chance to get a shoot with him. At the time I didn’t know he was also bringing his cute mate Max. To save them time on their short visit I got them both over to the studio to do back to back solo photo and video shoots. This is the BTS footage from me directing Kyler through his photoshoot. It was during this session and hanging out afterwards that I learnt Kyler is a really sweet guy. He’s full of energy and loves getting his clothes off. If I had a body like that I would too! I’m so glad they had time to come and do one my shoot with Buzz before they left Australia. I’m fairly sure Kyler is one of the biggest guys I’ve ever shot with.

Behind the scenes
31 Jan, 2024

Getting to photograph American porn star Max Lorde was such a great way to kick off the start of summer. When Kyler told me he was bring Max along on his trip to Australia I jumped at the chance to get Max into the studio. I had seen some of his work on social media in the past. He’s a very popular boy and I can see why. In real life Max is super sweet and he made this session so much fun. Actually some of this BTS footage was shot by Kyler as he waited for his shoot to start. It’s always fun having mates in the studio together. We took a tonne of photos and made two hot videos of the guys jerking off. This is the BTS footage from Max’s shoot.

8 Dec, 2023

This 3 way fucking session with Max, Buzz and Kyler was even way hotter than I thought it could be. I got the photos out of the way quickly so the guys could get naked one more time and get each other off. They needed no direction in this scene at all as they started pulling each other’s clothes off. These 3 way scenes are also fun to shoot. You never know what’s going to happen. Any scene with Buzz is always fun. He likes to fuck and be fucked. But I didn’t expect he’d be doing both at the same time with his new mates. Make sure you watch this scene to the end to see the guys getting off. Watching Buzz with his legs spread getting his hole licked by Max while sucking on Kyler’s huge cock was amazing to watch. This has gotta be one of the hottest videos we’ve made this year.

Photo shoot
3 Dec, 2023

With our new mates Kyler and Max in town I couldn’t wait to get them back over for a group shoot with Buzz Hardy. The guys were only in town for a few days so I wanted them to meet at least one of our sexy mates while they were here. Kyler and Max were really keen to meet my beautiful French mate Buzz. I knew that Buzz would have no problem taking on these guys. And I was really keen to get him in for a group soot too. After picking out some gear for the shoot we headed into the studio to get some photos of the guys making out, stripping and naked. Shooting any 3 way scene is always hectic, but wait till you get wild boy Buzz in the middle. I worked through this photoshoot fairly quickly since the guys has almost started fuckng as I took the last photos. But I’m happy with the photos we got. And it was so much fun to shoot. Kyler really is a big boy. And Max is so much fun. I really glad the guys go along so well. I will be loading the video we made a little later this week. In the meantime you can take a look at Kyker and Max’s first videos, and Buzz’s recent scenes.

20 Oct, 2023

My new mate Kyler finished off his first shoot jacking his huge cock in the studio. We had only just met but Kyler had no problem getting naked and jacking off while I filmed him. I think Kyler is going to be one of the hottest guys I’ve filmed with this year. We had a great photoshoot where he was showing off naked. Now it was time to get some video footage getting naked one more time and getting off. I saw Kyler’s big cock flaccid when he was getting changed for the shoot. Just wait till you see how much is grows in this video. So much so that he’s got his two big hands wrapped around it for some fist fucking action before blowing a nice load. I think Kyler is amazing and I’m so glad he included a stop by the studio on his visit to Australia.

Photo shoot
15 Oct, 2023

It’s time to meet our hot new mate Kyler Drayke. Every now and then a guy comes along that really blows me away. I was contacted by a guy in the US who talked about coming out to Australia and modelling for me. Mostly this doesn’t end up happening. So you can imagine how surprised I was that Kyler and his mate Max actually arrived in Melbourne and sent me a photo of them in the back of the airport taxi. To make the most of their time here I got the guys in for a couple of shoots. This is my first shoot with the very handsome Kyler. Now this guy is built solid! He looks great for someone who had just flown 15 hours across the Pacific. We had a really lovely time chatting and taking some photos. Kyler is a really sweet guy with big muscle and a very bog cock. I can see why a bunch of our mates were wanting to get into some scenes with him. These photos are a result of the first photoshoot. I will also load Kyler’s first video this week. I’m really happy with the results and so glad we got to meet during his trip to Australia.

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